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Don't let your investment go up in smoke, Crenshaw hoods is a Veteran Owned Local Company who has been in business for 19 years. We have over 30 years on staff experience. We are licensed, insured and bonded. 

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Services We offer

Roof Protecting Systems and roof maintenance 

Have grease on your roof, Having grease on your roof is a fire hazard and  will damage your roof. We protect your investment. Is your landlord all over you about the amount of grease on the roof, are they trying to fine or charge you for new roof expenses? We install grease containment systems and we do preventative maintenance to make sure that your roof is always protected and so is your pocket.

Pressure Washing

If you can dream it, we can clean it. We can pressure clean anything. We do Drive Thru's, Sidewalks, Curbings, Dumpster pad areas, Buildings, Homes, Strip mall parking lots, you name it we can clean it. We use high pressure heated machines we use buffers on concrete , floors and roofs. The best part is we are super affordable.

Replacements, Products, and Installs

All Affordable prices for every job we do, We are not the lowest in town but you know as well as I do you get what you pay for. We install Motors on Exhaust fan Systems, we replace hood filters and fresh air filter, we replace Exhaust fan motor belts, Grease trap pans for Exhaust fan bowls, Grease pillows to absorb grease from exhaust fan bowls and the list goes on. If we don't have it we will find a way to get it! We have great connections with many vendors. 

Hinge Install for Exhaust fan bowls

Proper cleaning. In order to thoroughly clean any commercial kitchen exhaust fan, a sturdy hinging system must be installed to safely access all areas.

Safety. Trying to remove a 125-plus pound fan from its duct for cleaning or maintenance is not only dangerous for the contractor but always causes some degree of damage to the roof or the fan housing.

To protect the fan wiring. Exhaust fan wiring is stretched when the fan is taken off the stack and placed on the roof. Without a hinge kit, the fan wiring is subject to unnecessary abuse during cleaning and maintenance.

To protect the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can be damaged over time by removing it from the stack repeatedly and placing it on its side.

To prevent bending the fan’s base plate or the duct work. The fan is made of material that is very lightweight and pliable. If it is bent, it could create gaps that allow grease to leak onto the roof.

To prevent a loose connection between the fan base plate and duct work. If not connected properly, this can cause the fan to rattle and reduce the life of the part.

To prevent roof damage. Rooftop damage and leaks can be the result of placing the exhaust fan on the roof during cleaning or maintenance.

It’s the Law! NFPA 96 Code states: “Approved up-blast fans with motors surrounded by the air stream shall be hinged, supplied with flexible weather proof electrical cable and service hold-open retainers, and listed for this use.”

By installing a hinge kit on your exhaust fan to allow proper access to clean your system, you will help prevent damage to the fan and its components, while reducing costly damage to your roof top.

Kitchen Exhaust hood Cleaning

Commercial and residential Exhaust hood cleaning.  This service includes Cleaning the Exhaust hood systems, Hood filters, Exhaust fan bowls, blades and flue, tracks, ducts if accessible, Checking belts and Fresh air filter (will replace @ additional cost). We have heated pressure units and special customized tools to scrape ducts and flues to make sure we are the best. We do before and after pictures and a full  hood and roof inspection of every job. 


We do Corporate accounts, Franchise, Family owned, Schools, Residential, Churches and treat everyone like they are our only customers.

We are a Veteran Owned Local Business. We are not global nor franchised. We have a close relationship with all customers and make sure that they are satisfied with all of our services. Our customers are not just a paycheck they are our company!